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The Association brings the benefit of a collective voice and united community to influence change and decisions in our neighbourhoods. If you live in the Cliffcrest or Scarborough Village area, the Association is here to support you.

When you have concerns about what is happening in your neighbourhood, such as unsafe construction practices, removal or damage of trees, proposed infill or larger development that may be detrimental to neighbouring properties or the neighbourhood, etc., here are the steps we recommend you take:


Step 1 (Take Action): For immediate parking, traffic, safety, tree protection, and other immediate issues please call 311. You can also let us know about these concerns by emailing us at and describing the situation. Keep an eye out for notices and activity on the site at all times.


Step 2 (Join Us): Become a member of the Association. You can become a voting member for an annual fee or an associate member for free. We invite all household residents to become members. If you are approached by others in the Cliffcrest Scarborough Village area, please invite them to become members. There is strength in numbers.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about the Association  and our Membership tab to become a member.


Step 3 (Get Involved): We welcome you to become active with the association and lend us a hand. We have four committees and are always looking for volunteers and street representatives. You can call or email us at 647-245-3277 or to let us know your interests and so that we can put you in touch with the right Director or member volunteer.

Also please check out our guide for navigating the Committee of Adjustment (below) and explore our web site for other information.


Step 4 (Be Our Eyes): Please document any activity on the site and take photos if the concerns involve tree removals without permits, or imminent safety concerns, among other things.


“Together we preserve the nature of our neighbourhoods”

Navigating the Committee of Adjustment:

The Palmerston Area Residents Association (2020) produced a "Navigating the Committee of Adjustment" guide (the "Guide") to help simplify the challenge facing many residents and by equipping them to make their views known to the Committee of Adjustment in an effective and fair-minded way. The Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Residents Association (the "Association") has adapted the guide with permission to provide Ward-specific guidance.

This document is intended as a starting point -- it provides a general overview of the process. Further
details and tips are available by following the links listed throughout the Guide.

Note that the Guide is not intended, nor should it be relied upon, to provide legal, planning or other professional advice. If you think you might need to hire a planner, lawyer or other professional to help, contact the Association through the Contact Us tab and we may be able to make suggestions, although we do not endorse any service providers.

Guide in PDF format:

Navigating the Committee of Adjustment

Association Community Support:

Since our inception, the Association has been supporting the community in a variety of matters, including (to name a few): organizing a food drive; the successful launch and completion of our inaugural nature photo contest; our tree ribbon campaign; the preparation and delivery of letters of objection in respect of inappropriate development and, if applicable, related COA variance requests; conducting research in respect of our communities' pre-existing character and built forms; presenting at related COA hearings; and presenting the Association's concerns to City Planning and applicable City Counsellors regarding a number of out-of-scale developments currently proposed within Cliffcrest/Scarborough Village. A few examples of related correspondence are included below.


For the BIG PICTURE of developments currently being proposed in Cliffcrest-Scarborough Village, please click on the following interactive map:

Please read the impact analysis for these proposals in our December newsletter under the news tab:



Letter to Mayor John Tory concerning inappropriate development and construction practices in Scarborough SW, and "Rezoning Without Consent" - September 2020

Letter to Scarborough Community Council supporting City Planning's refusal of Dairy Queen condo application - February 2021

Letter of concern to City Planning regarding condo application for 3355-65 Kingston Road - March 2021

Letter of objection to Scarborough Committee of Adjustment regarding 142 Harewood Avenue - March 2021

Letter to Urban Forestry to deny request to destroy healthy trees at 142 Harewood Avenue - March 2021

Letter of concern to Scarborough Committee of Adjustment regarding 153 Oakridge Drive - March 2021

Letter to Planning and Housing Committee re Toronto Agenda Item 2021.PH22.7 re COA - April 2021

Letter of objection to Scarborough Committee of Adjustment regarding 74 to 78 Oakridge Drive - May 2021

Letter of concern to Metrolinx regarding 273/275 Scarborough Golf Club Rd and 7 Dale Ave. - May 2021

Letter to Mayor Tory regarding Tree destruction - June 2021

Letter to Toronto Planning and Housing Committee regarding Multi-Tenant Housing - June 2021

Letter of Support re 19 Parkcrest re Heritage Inclusion- June 2021

Special Alert to CSVSWRA Membership re unsolicited bids - June 2021

Letter to Mayor Tory and Scarborough Councillors re Council Review of City Wide Framework for Multi Tenant Housing - September 2021


Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Residents Association Presentation to: Toronto City Planning, March 18, 2021 "Protecting Unique Scarborough Neighbourhoods" 

CSVSWRA Street Representatives and Volunteers Presentation" 

    Community Consultations and Information Meetings:

3291 Kingston Road Community Consultation - October 5, 2021

Community Information Meeting no.3 for 3355 Kingston Rd. (Kingston and Parkcrest)


    Other Resources:

Information you need to know about the private tree by-law