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The Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Residents Association (the “Association”) is your voice with the City Councillors, Council and staff,  Committees of Adjustment and the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).  Your membership gives you the opportunity to make your concerns known and be supported on local issues, such as traffic, planning decisions, heritage, our urban forest, and public safety.  

The Association can only do its job if local residents come together and become members to support the Association. Through fundraising efforts, the Association will be able to obtain professional assistance to support local concerns,  appeal zoning and variance decisions or protect features of environmental significance and heritage around the neighbourhood. 

Please fill out the form below if you would like to become a member.  There are 2 types of members: Class A, referred to as “Members” and Class B, referred to as “Associate Members”:

  • Associate Member:  Term of two years (from date of acceptance), free membership, and available whether you live inside or outside the boundaries of the Toronto neighbourhoods of Cliffcrest and Scarborough Village. Associate Members will receive regular updates and communications from the Association, participate in town halls open to all members, and can contribute their time and skills to our efforts, but are generally not entitled to receive notice of and vote at official meetings of members of the Association.

  • Member:   Term - annual (based on calendar year), fee currently set at $50 per year, and is limited to residents of the Toronto neighbourhoods of Cliffcrest and Scarborough Village.  In addition to regular updates and communications, Members will be entitled to receive notice of and vote at meetings of members of the Association. If you are interested in supporting the Association by becoming a Member, we will contact you with payment options for the membership fee once we have received your completed application. If you are admitted to become a 'Member' in 2022, your membership will be good until December 31, 2022, at which point you can renew your membership, or it will be converted to associate membership status.   

Entitlement: Membership (either Members or Associate Members) in the Association shall be available to those individuals who are eighteen years of age or older and who are interested in furthering the Association's purposes. To become a 'Member' you must also be a resident of the Toronto neighbourhoods of Cliffcrest or Scarborough Village.  Individuals must apply for membership and be accepted into membership in the Association.

By becoming a member, you consent to receiving our newsletter (which you can unsubscribe to at any time) and to receive notices from the Association in accordance with its by-laws and the laws applicable to it, including, in the case of Members, notice of our annual general meeting of members, which shall next be held in 2023 (date to be confirmed). 

The Association does not share your personal information with any other group or organization, but is subject to the requirements under the Canada Not-for-profits Corporations Act (including s.23).

You can also print off and complete the following membership form and e-mail a photo or scanned PDF to

Membership Form

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