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Alan Burt – Co-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, Director

Alan is now retired after more than 40 years as a certified environmental professional, an aquatic biologist and biostatistician for environmental consulting firms in Ontario.  He has lived in the Cliffcrest Community for over 40 years and has come to love the proximity to nature, with expansive tree canopies and the associated wildlife.  He became involved in opposing local overbuilds in 2018 and has pursued learning about the regulatory processes that guide development in our part of Toronto. As part of this, he is part of the original group that pushed to form the CSVSWRA.


Tanya Baksh

Tanya has resided in Cliffcrest for 20 years and works as a Canadian Sales Manager for an ingredients company that sells raw materials into the Personal Care and Household Cleaning industries. In her spare time, she is actively involved in the community as a Board member for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Chair at St. John Henry Newman Highschool Parent Council and has been actively involved with the CSVSWRA Planning & Development Committee since late 2019 focusing on opposing local overbuilds trying to preserving the unique character of our neighbourhoods.


Tony Lombardi

Tony is a lifelong resident of the CSVSWRA community.  Tony currently resides on Oakridge Dr. with his wife and three children.   Tony enjoys helping friends and neighbours to help build a strong and sustainable community while helping bring awareness and action to community issues.   His work with the CSVSWRA is brought on by a passion for the natural environment, to preserve and augment the ecological balance of nature and the community.   

Tony’s formal education at the University of Toronto, multiple professional designations and his professional business experience, of almost 30 years, has given him an appreciation for a balanced and progressive design, harmonious integration of residential planning and development, and the preservation and augmentation of nature through correct horticultural and ecological practices.   In his spare time, Tony can be seen stopping to smell the roses, collecting soccer balls from his neighbours’ yards, planting trees (just because we can never have enough trees) and enjoys being about 65 ft underwater, enjoying peace and quiet.


Janet May – Co-Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, Director

Janet is now retired from paid work, having led the campaign to eliminate the cosmetic use of pesticides in Toronto while working at the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA).   She also worked with community groups across the province to help them obtain local pesticide bylaws.  Janet loves gardening with native plants, curling at Tam Heather and wants to live in a community where Ents really exist.


Mike Poirier - Director, Fundraising

Mike is retired from his position as Secondary School Principal with the Toronto District School Board. He is a long time resident of South Scarborough since 1952. Mike has volunteered as a coach for many community based basketball, baseball and soccer teams. He was also on the organizing committee for the Ontario Special Olympics. Over the years he has seen many changes to South Scarborough, not all of them beneficial to the residents. He is committed to preserving the unique characteristics of our neighbourhoods.


Marina Tadenc – Vice President, Chair of the Communications and Community Affairs Committee, Director

Marina has visited many cities around the world and sees the value of balanced open spaces and ample walkable communities that promote thriving local business. A few years ago, Marina and her husband were excited to find their forever home in the Cliffcrest Scarborough Village Community where tree lined streets, homes and nature blend together harmoniously as part of the entire landscape. In this short time there has been a considerable increase of new development gradually changing the character of these special neighbourhoods.

Using her global corporate experience in process and project management, her resourcefulness, critical thinking and her methodical approach, Marina is committed to collaborating with neighbourhoods to encourage and influence positive change while keeping an eye on the big picture advocating for a community that thrives through thoughtful and smart development.

Marina is a founding member, Vice-President, a director, and chair of its Communications and Community
Affairs Committee, looks after the CSVSWRA newsletter and facebook site as well as being involved in all
four CSVSWRA committees.

Peter Thachuk - Interim Director

A long-time resident of Scarborough Village, Peter is a retired paralegal, accredited real estate appraiser, and consultant.  As a former Chair of the East York Committee of Adjustment, Peter believes in a balanced, holistic approach to Planning/Development that respects the integrity of the existing community in the provision of necessary infrastructure.