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Fundraising Appeal

Re: LCH Condo at 3291 Kingston Rd & 2 and 4 Windy Ridge Dr.     

For PDF, click the following: Fundraising - Save Windy Ridge

Click the following for a PDF of a: Photo Collage of Concerns with LCH proposal

LCH Developments is proposing to build an oversized (11 stories, plus mechanical) condo at the south-east corner of Kingston Rd and Ravine/Windy Ridge Dr.  (The current bylaw allows 6 stories maximum).  The proposal encroaches into the residential neighbourhood – as 50% of the site eliminates two properties on Windy Ridge Dr (#2 and 4).   CSVSWRA does not oppose effective development - however, we need affordable housing and changes which respect the existing physical characteristics of the neighbourhood. 

This development threatens to:

  • displace current rental tenants at 3291 Kingston Rd. with no alternate options for new rental housing;
  • After expert consultation we can confirm that this proposal negatively impacts Doris McCarthy trail and the Scarborough Bluffs - a designated Natural Heritage and environmentally significant area -designated by the City of Toronto;
  • it will destroy 80 mature trees - Toronto Forestry confirms as a negative impact to the City’s Urban Tree Canopy and confirms that this development is not beneficial to the current issues of flooding, the heat island effect and Global warming;
  • increase traffic woes and impact pedestrian safety on local streets;
  • overwhelm our woefully inadequate infrastructure; and
  • increase flooding risk to existing area homes. 

If this application is approved as proposed, it will set a horrible precedent not only for Scarborough, but for all of Toronto.  The Cliffcrest Scarborough Village SW Residents Association (“CSVSWRA”) requests your help to ensure responsible development occurs on this site.

Good News!  During the CMC, the CSVSWRA was added as a party to the proceedings.  It is through our involvement as a party that we may endeavour to ensure that appropriately-sized development occurs on the site (the “Purpose”). In order to do this, the CSVSWRA must engage legal counsel, a planner, potentially other experts, in addition to some focused advertising to raise awareness, all of which costs money (the “Expenses”). 

If you would like to donate to support our efforts in protecting our community, you may do so, by e-mail e-transfer to   Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

When sending the e-transfer, please include (i) if you are a member (associate or voting) of the CSVSWRA, and (ii) the subject “Save Windy Ridge ”.  

Funds raised will be used in support of the Purpose to pay the Expenses.  All funds donated to this effort will be designated specifically to this OLT appeal.  Should there be any surplus funds following the end of the OLT appeal, such funds will be used by the CSVSWRA to further its corporate purposes (see extract below from our articles of incorporation), including funding day to day operating expenses allowing the CSVSWRA to continue its operations to protect the community.      

Unfortunately, the CSVSWRA is not a registered charity and cannot issue charitable donation receipts. However, all financial matters are disclosed in full at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The CSVSWRA is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and is a Registered RatePayers Group with the City of Toronto.

CSVSWRA Mission:

“Together we preserve the unique nature of our neighbourhoods.”

CSVSWRA Corporate Purposes:

a) advocating for responsible and environmentally sound development which preserves and enriches the character of neighbourhoods within our community;

b) representing the interests of the residents of our community;

c) promoting safety and security within our community;

and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these purposes.

All of the Directors, Officers and contributing members of the CSVSWRA are volunteers and do not accept any remuneration for their efforts in protecting the community.   Our membership is made of residents in the area who wish to see responsible development throughout the community.   We come from all walks of life and we believe that the community is valuable in all its facets.


March 2023 - Updated Action Alert re 3291 Kingston Rd (plus 2 and 4 Windy Ridge Dr) OLT Appeal:

PDF: CSVSWRA Action Alert re 3291 Kingston Rd OLT Appeal




 November 2022 - Action Alert re 3291 Kingston Rd (plus 2 and 4 Windy Ridge Dr) OLT Appeal:

KEY BACKGROUND INFORMATION (additional information follows the Alert):   





The CSVSWRA has submitted extensive information with regards to Community Concerns:

Full OLT notice details for November 30th initial Case Management Conference:

Notice of Case Management Conference re 3291 Kingston Rd Appeal to OLT scheduled for November 30 2022


Party status or Participant status forms must be filed at latest by November 21st


Are you aware… of the scale of development that is being proposed for our neighbourhoods? The following map was created by the RA capturing the BIG PICTURE of what is currently under review with City Planning. 

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Help share this information, invite residents to become members, to receive updates and stay informed!

To learn more or to get involved,

please contact CSVSWRA immediately at or 647-245-3277


Prior Posts:


October 2022 - Community Alert

3291 Kingston Rd (plus 2 and 4 Windy Ridge Dr) Appealed by LCH to OLT:

Rather than continue to work with the City and the community, LCH Developments has appealed their 3291 Kingston Rd  (plus 2 and 4 Windy Ridge Dr) condo development application to the Ontario Land Tribunal. The initial case management conference is scheduled for November 30, 2022. If you are concerned or interested to know more, please contact us at

Notice of Case Management Conference re 3291 Kingston Rd Appeal to OLT scheduled for November 30 2022


October 2021

Our voices matter! Approximately 100 residents attended the virtual community consultation held on October 5, 2021. 

A recording of the consultation can be found here:

The following is a slide show prepared by the CSVSWRA and presented to City Planning outlining some of the issues with the proposed development:

CSVSWRA Slide Show to City Planning